The use of plants for human health is probably as old as human beings themselves.

India has one of the world’s richest medicinal plants heritage not only in terms of the number of unique species available, but also in terms of tremendous depth of traditional knowledge about this wealth.

The extract of natural herbs can be used in various formulations like Ayurvedic medicines, Dietary supplements, Natural Flavouring Agents, Cosmetics and as Natural Ingredients in Allopathic medicines.


  • Raw Material Analysis

    Macroscopic raw material analysis by botanists.

    Raw materials analysis including: solubility in different type of solvent

    Percentage of foreign matters

    Loss on drying

    pH w/v solution

    Acid insoluble ash

    Assay or active ingredient analysis etc.

  • Final Product Analysis

    Chromatographic Finger Printing Technique viz TLC, HPLC etc.

    Organoleptic analysis

    Physiochemical analysis

    Heavy metals analysis

    Microbiological analysis

    Assay or active ingredients analysis etc.

DRY EXTRACT For Preparation of Granules, Tablets, Capsules, Churna’s & Syrup, Herbal Juice Etc.
SOFT EXTRACT For Preparation of Syrup & Tonic Etc.
PG EXTRACT For Preparation of Cream, Ointment, & Cosmetic Items Etc.
LIQUID EXTRACT For Preparation of Soap, Herbal Juice Etc.
PURE SOFT EXTRACT For Preparation of Dry Extract, Soft Extract And P.G. Extract Etc.

Note: Most of our products are water-soluble and 100% natural without solvent residue.