Since the inception of our parent company it is embedded in our company’s culture to provide utmost priority to product quality and customer satisfaction.

All our Soy ingredients are made from 100% Non-GMO Soybeans, which have full trace-ability records. Our beans are sourced from our verified suppliers and geographies to maintain consistent quality supply at all times. At any point our customers can learn the sourcing area of our raw material through our integrated recording system.

Our ingredients are enjoyed by consumers within India and around the world in products such as chocolates, baked goods, nutrition bars/cereals, nutraceutical/dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, meats, animal feed, and meat alternative meals.

Our ingredients enhance the taste, texture and nutritional profile of processed foods, and often help extend the shelf life of the final consumer product.

    Product List:

  • Soy Lecithin
  • Soy Proteins
  • Soy Phospholipid (Phosphatidylcholine)
  • Texturized Soy Proteins (TSP)
  • Herbal Extracts