Lecithin’s structure makes it an effective emulsifier for the interaction of water and oil. When introduced into a food system, an emulsifier such as lecithin helps maintain a stable emulsion between two unmixable liquids. It decreases the surface tension between the two liquids and allows them to mix and form a stable, heterogeneous dispersion.

Our SUNTHIN Sunflower Lecithin comes in several varieties and provides solution for various applications that require emulsification, dispersion, and lubrication. Please find below a list of products that we provide and choose the one as per your application(s):

Product Product Application
SUNTHIN S-60 Standard Sunflower Lecithin
with AIS: 60% min.
Bakery Products, Chocolates,
Margarine, Cones,
Wafers, Ice Cream,
Instant Foods,
Icings, Frostings,
Instant Beverage Mixes,
Baby Foods
SUNTHIN FL-62 Fluid Sunflower Lecithin
with AIS: 62% min.
SUNTHIN LC Fluid Sunflower Lecithin
with lighter color
SUNTHIN WD Hydrolyzed Sunflower Lecithin
with 35-40% conversion ratio
Instant Foods and
Beverage Mixes,
Dairy Products, Margarine,
Mayonnaise, Release Agent,
Ice Cream
SUNTHIN WD-50 Hydrolyzed Sunflower Lecithin
with 45-50% conversion ratio
SUNTHIN LV-20 Soy Lecithin with low viscosity
of 2000 cps max.
Wetting agent for
cocoa powder,
Belt Release,
Spray Can,
Cheese Release
SUNTHIN LV-60 Soy Lecithin with low viscosity
of 2000 cps max.

Following organizations certifies all above products:

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