Our TexVeg

TexVeg Overview

Texturized Soy Proteins (TSP) are obtained from Indian 100% NON GMO clean, healthy, golden yellow soybeans by the process of de-hulling, flaking, extracting, desolventizing/drying, and grinding in a pneumatic mill to requisite particle size to get a fine powder of white to creamish color. This powder is then passed through extrusion and granulation system to obtain desired sizes, shapes, color, and texture to suit all customer application.

TexVeg Benefits

Our TexVeg TSP is an economical protein with bland flavor profiles and protein content of more than 52%. They have unique textural properties, making them well suitable for protein fortification. During processing, anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using adequate heat treatment, thus increasing protein utilization. When hydrated, they feature a fibrous meat-like texture with outstanding moisture retention and provide excellent mouth feel, making them perfect for meat and vegetarian applications. In their dry form, they provide unique textures that characterize many of the most popular bars and snacks in the world.

Some of the uses of TexVeg TSP:
  • Ground Meat and Poultry
  • Formed Meat Products
  • Vegetarian and Meat Analogues
  • Nutrition Bars, Cereals & Snacks
Product Size Color Application
TexVeg Soy Protein Granules
TexVeg GR13 1 – 3 mm Natural, Caramel, Red Meat Extender
TexVeg GR25 2 – 5 mm Natural, Caramel, Red Meat Extender, Meat Replacer
TexVeg GR37 3 – 7 mm Natural Meat Extender, Meat Replacer

Product Size Color Application
TexVeg Soy Protein Nuggets
TexVeg NG812 8 – 12 mm Natural Meat alternative for direct consumption
in vegetarian dishes, Pasta Sauce,
Meat Sauce, Analogues
TexVeg NG1218 12 – 18 mm Natural
TexVeg NG1825 18 – 25 mm Natural